The Trap Marc Talbert

ISBN: 9780789425997

Published: September 15th 1999


133 pages


The Trap  by  Marc Talbert

The Trap by Marc Talbert
September 15th 1999 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 133 pages | ISBN: 9780789425997 | 8.22 Mb

Ellie lives with animals -- an old cat, a stray dog she calls Fang, a goldfish. And until she wakes one spring morning to the taunting bark and yip of coyotes, shes thought she understood Gods creatures and loved them. But not the coyotes. Ellie soon meets one at the corner of the familys garage, its yellow eyes cool and unfathomable.

A few days later, her cat, Bob, disappears. Fearing the worst, and feeling the worst -- a burning for revenge -- Ellie heeds a tough-acting classmate and with him sets a trap on a hillside coyote trail shes found. But it is Fang, her faithful follower, who is caught. And with the cruel snapping of the trap, Ellie sees firsthand the suffering she has meant to inflict on her enemy. Bob the cat was not killed, he was eaten, as is natures way. Ellie comes to this realization, most surprisingly, by tracking her foe to his den -- and beyond his den to an understanding of life and death.

Ellie is a regular kid, seen to her depths, as is a storytellers way, with clear-eyed vision, apt language, and a considerate heart.

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