The Zeus Project John Cadden


Published: July 3rd 2013



The Zeus Project  by  John Cadden

The Zeus Project by John Cadden
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The Zeus ProjectJohn CaddenImagine being Lord of the Universe, King of the Heavens, god of gods. You can see everything, do anything, go anywhere. You’re omniscient, immortal, worshiped by all. Cities, temples, oracles bear your sacred name. You are the Father-Protector invoked to cure all ills. Your powers are limitless. And……you’re bored. Cosmically bored.Why? That’s the one thing your omniscience doesn’t know.

But it does know that this boredom – this stale, listless apathy – is becoming dangerous. Dangerous for yourself and dangerous for the entire universe. Something must change – by doing the one thing you’ve never done before and by going to the one place you’ve never been before.The Zeus Project is a mind-tickling trawl through mythology, theology, psychology, etymology, numerology, meteorology, ornithology and anger management.

Apart from our eponymous hero, we also meet – among others – Hera, Aphrodite, Hades, Dionysus, Apollo (and Apollo 13), Herakles, Hesiod, Socrates, Alexander the Great, Jesus, Einstein, a young Steven Spielberg, two talking ravens and a sandfly.This book follows the ultimate quest, the greatest adventure – the search for the one thing we all must seek.The Zeus Project will make you think.And smile.Out loud.

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