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The Information Thieves  by  M.L. Katz

The Information Thieves by M.L. Katz
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I seem to have started in the middle of a series with this book, but the story is a complete one. The book is tagged as high-tech, which is true to some extent. The future portrayed is of a world trying to adjust to climatic change that has flooded previously habitable areas and changed the face of the worlds landscape. Most of the advanced technology is in the hands of rich, powerful corporations.The trigger event is Elis computer hacking of one such corporation, World Tech.

This is the first domino in a series that exposes World Techs criminal carelessness and illegal experiments. Other dominoes follow - a graphic painting, a young man, a young boy, an assassination attempt. All are important factors in the story, not requiring any advanced technology. The assassin uses a sword, for example. I liked that little nod to history.What I read was an excellent story about family dynamics. The core family, the extended family, and some adopted family all work together to protect Eli and Julia, with just a little help from the FBI.

The assassin turns her back on World Tech immediately when her family orders her to do so. This mixed bag of people have plenty of conflicts and issues, but also have the same interests. How they work together to protect those interests and each other is the heart of the story, and is very well done.This book misses the 5 stars for a couple of reasons. The story flowed smoothly until nearly the end, where the last section is an abrupt scene change. It was a little confusing, and it took a couple of paragraphs to deduce that several weeks, if not months, had elapsed since the previous scene.

Some of what occurred during that time period is explained, but not all. There are a couple of loose ends. Also, I read the Kindle edition, which contained a number of errors that should be addressed with some editing. It was just enough to be a bit distracting.Still, I enjoyed this book enough to want to read the first book in the series as well.

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