My Rural Broadband Journey: the one year trail to high-speed Claire Perez


Published: July 27th 2014

Kindle Edition

132 pages


My Rural Broadband Journey: the one year trail to high-speed  by  Claire Perez

My Rural Broadband Journey: the one year trail to high-speed by Claire Perez
July 27th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 132 pages | ISBN: | 7.71 Mb

My Rural Broadband Journey, the one year trail to high-speed, is a compilation of a blog series. It chronicles my journey to high-speed Internet in rural America. I decided in May 2011 to discover what stood between our house and broadband service, .6 miles up the road.We live ten miles from Cornell University and it became important for my work as a communications professional and for our viability as landlords, to be part of Web 2.0 and the high-speed Internet world.In addition, we wanted all the luxuries afforded our contemporaries: video streaming- e-file- Amazon- YouTube DIY videos- online banking- and Skype.I began researching and talking to people about my rural broadband problem and reported the results in over forty-five web logs.

During the year, I drilled down to discover the complex systems preventing our connection to the 21st century.I estimate that during the year I attended six public meetings and had• 11 conversations with our local fortune 500 high-speed provider• 4 conversations with the NYSPSC• 3 conversations with local media reporters• 11 conversations with our neighbors• 1 conversation with the FCCBlog readers wrote to me and commented on my investigation.

I read some blog posts to my writers’ group. After several sessions, one of our group members, a retired engineer, slapped his hand down on the table, and said:“I hate to be the one to tell you this, but nothing short of an intervention from God, is going to fix this situation.”I believe this book, laced with humor and rich with data and questions may save people from wasting time as they struggle along the digital divide.

This is a good case study in the profit motive: it can control a nation, if we let it. I also believe there are implications in this story for the dangers of net neutrality.This is not a dry report on the boring topic of rural broadband- this is the day-to-day struggle of life without it.Here are some sample titles from the book: Broadband 5…and so the story continues ~What exactly is a Time Warner Cable survey? 24 hours in the life of the less connected ~Time & money: costs of being less connected #rural broadband: Do we have the technology?

~Is it that we cant as a nation or that we wont? US BROADBAND NOW: Are you kidding me...please say it aint so: Kenya to get $40 million in US aid for its national broadband strategy Tompkins County Legislature’s Special Committee on Broadband will meet Tuesday, February 28, 2012 in Lansing, NY~Sketch of a systemAbout the author: Claire Perez holds a M.S. in Communications from the Roy H. Park School at Ithaca College. Ms. Perez has taught for twenty years, including ten years as a secondary social studies instructor and three as a college lecturer.

In addition, she has worked and volunteered in community education in Ithaca, New York

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