Karma: Dancing With Destiny Ellen Chandler Manning


Published: August 23rd 2010

Kindle Edition

315 pages


Karma: Dancing With Destiny  by  Ellen Chandler Manning

Karma: Dancing With Destiny by Ellen Chandler Manning
August 23rd 2010 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 315 pages | ISBN: | 8.58 Mb

The world is on a seemingly unstoppable course towards doom and destruction. A great cataclysmic event is about to occur, potentially leading to the ultimate end of all human life on our planet. There is only one chance to stop this event from occurring- one chance to save humanity. Our salvation is in the hands of two ancient souls whose fateful journey will determine the future of the human race. The Law of Karma must be satisfied to fulfill Earth’s dance with destiny.Nefertiti, the beautiful young Queen of Egypt, tells her story of love, deception, evil, destruction, guilt and redemption.

It is everyone’s story. Are we victims of our own karmic debt or will we be wise and strong enough to acknowledge our weaknesses, take full responsibility for our thoughts and actions, and make better choices? Our evolution depends on it.

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