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Jim Goad - The War on Whites Reaches New Heights - Hour 1
January 16, 2017
The War on Whites Reaches New Heights

Jim Goad is an American author and publisher. He co-authored and published the magazine ANSWER ME! and The Redneck Manifesto.

A video version of this show is available in our TV section.

We begin by discussing Jim’s background and what inspired him to write The Redneck Manifesto. Jim tells us about his ideological journey, which began with liberalism, but quickly deviated from the status quo. We learn that Jim, who describes himsel ...

Nick Monroe - Milo, DeploraBall & GamerGate - Hour 1
January 11, 2017
Milo, DeploraBall & GamerGate

Nick is a gaming journalist who has worked for The Escapist Magazine and Gameranx. Intimately involved with GamerGate since its inception, he witnessed Milo’s rise to popularity firsthand.

We begin by discussing the history of GamerGate. Nick tells us how the growing prevalence of diversity propaganda in gaming journalism led to major pushback from fans. We learn how Milo Yiannopoulos appeared on the scene and used GamerGate to build a personal brand f ...

Tuukka Kuru - Suomen Sisu: Finnish Resistance to Globalism - Hour 1
January 09, 2017
Suomen Sisu: Finnish Resistance to Globalism

Tuukka is a university student and member of Suomen Sisu, a Finnish nationalist organization.

We begin by discussing the recent 612 demonstration that took place in Helsinki. Scheduled on December 6, Finland’s day of independence, the event drew thousands of patriots and a sizable amount of Leftists as well. We discuss the ongoing efforts from the Left to redefine what it means to be Finnish, and the motivations that lie behind these efforts ...

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America Is Headed Towards Civil Unrest and Political Violence
January 16, 2017
America Is Headed Towards Civil Unrest and Political Violence Editor's Note: Red Ice neither condones nor advocates violence. The following tweet collections, however, offer insight into the nature of the civil unrest we're likely headed towards. Theme: Domestic Political Violence In FUSA 2017 & Beyond BLUF: It will suck and you ain’t ready. But it’s coming anyway. Fast. Medium: The following Spotify tweet collections: Parts I & II Part III Part IV Part V Read all of this material; if you must choose (and save the rest for reading tonight), read Part V. But then go back for the rest. You do know that the Dems/Reds as a group and not a few Repubs have already started the political groundwork efforts, yes? You will need to be truly Deplorable in what is coming. Harden your hearts.

Project Veritas Exposes 'Anti-Fascist' Group Planning to Terrorize Trump's Inauguration
January 16, 2017
Project Veritas Exposes 'Anti-Fascist' Group Planning to Terrorize Trump's Inauguration You may remember Project Veritas from their work exposing the DNC's corruption during the 2016 election. In Part I of their new series, Project Veritas investigators meet with leaders of the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition, who reveal their plans to disrupt the inauguration. This meeting occurred at Comet Ping Pong, of all places.

Food Stamp Recipients Are Purchasing Copious Amounts of Soda
January 15, 2017
Food Stamp Recipients Are Purchasing Copious Amounts of Soda What do households on food stamps buy at the grocery store? The answer was largely a mystery until now. The United States Department of Agriculture, which oversees the $74 billion food stamp program called SNAP, has published a detailed report that provides a glimpse into the shopping cart of the typical household that receives food stamps. The findings show that the No. 1 purchases by SNAP households are soft drinks, which accounted for 5 percent of the dollars they spent on food. The category of ‘sweetened beverages,’ which includes fruit juices, energy drinks and sweetened teas, accounted for almost 10 percent of the dollars they spent on food. “In this sense, SNAP is a multibillion-dollar taxpayer subsidy of the soda industry,” said Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition, food studies…

Bikers for Trump Ready to Stand up to Protesters at Inauguration
January 14, 2017
Bikers for Trump Ready to Stand up to Protesters at Inauguration A motorcycle group led by a South Carolina chainsaw artist will ride into the nation’s capital on Inauguration Day in support of the 45th President of the United States. Bikers for Trump, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, will likely be toeing the line with protesters, who are also expected to be at the event. “The bikers are certainly used to being outnumbered and we are prepared to form a wall of meat,” Chris Cox, the founder of the organization, told the FOX Business Network. However, Cox said he doesn’t foresee any problems occurring during the event, especially after the group’s experience at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, where police successfully maintained order between Trump’s supporters and protesters. “We’re anticipating a celebration here. We don’t anticipate…

“Neo-Nazi Underground” Fantasy
January 14, 2017
“Neo-Nazi Underground” Fantasy Claims by the Deutsche Welle (DW) news service—now syndicated across the world—that “hundreds of neo-Nazis have gone underground” in Germany and are preparing “terrorist structures,” is a fantasy based on distortions of official figures and a deliberate misinterpretation of a single far-left researcher’s comments. The original DW report, titled “Hundreds of neo-Nazis in Germany have gone underground,” published on January 9, 2017, started the nonsense with the completely unfounded claim that hundreds of people had gone “underground.” In reality, the German interior ministry figures, upon which the article is based, said nothing of the sort. The figures originated with a December 2016 response to a German parliamentary question asking how many “arrest warrants” for “right wingers” were still…

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